Quarterly Bulletin

Quarterly Bulletin is our main Publication. In the Bulletin we provide a comprehensive analysis on our assumptions, our predictions, our expectations and ultimately our investment strategy.

Our Quarterly Bulletin consists of 7 sections and provides our investment decision making process in a way that can be easily understood by investors who don’t master the financial and macroeconomic expertise. As a result, an investor can navigate himself in financial markets based on the Bulletin, what we also do here in Money World.

A typical Quarterly Bulletin consist of the following sections:

Financial Markets Developments

In this section we refer to the financial markets developments which has took place since our last Bulletin trying to identify where the markets moved according to our expectations and where we have had any possible discrepancy. Then we attempt to justify any market move that didn’t follow our expected path so that we can be prepared for any action if needed.

Macroeconomic Developments

One can find here all the important macroeconomic developments that occurred since our last bulletin. These macroeconomic developments shape the current macroeconomic environment that we use as our base creating our macroeconomic expectations that ultimately influence our investment decisions.

Monetary Policy Developments

This is one of the most important sections in our Bulletin. Here we present every development that took place since our latest bulletin regarding monetary policy and central banks. Monetary policy is enormously influential not only for the future macroeconomic environment but also for the financial markets. We must take monetary policy under consideration for every investment decision we make.

Macroeconomic Expectations

Taking into consideration the macroeconomic environment coupled with any monetary policy amendment that had took place, we can start constructing our macroeconomic expectations. The future macroeconomic environment has a great impact on companies profits and on future monetary policy decisions, hence on financial markets too.

Monetary Policy Expectations

Knowing the mandate of the Central Banks and being able to expect some of the macroeconomic developments, we can make assumptions on the future monetary policy decisions. This is our last and most important task before proceeding to our investment decisions. That’s because the financial markets are heavily dependent on the monetary policy.

Investment Decisions and Strategy Building

In this section we sum up all the available information and expectations that we describe in the previous sections and we shape our investment strategy which contain every decision that we will actualize in the coming quarter.

Trading History and Open Positions 

Finally, we provide the actual trading history and all our open positions that we hold in our own investment portfolio. We do so educationally to give you insights into the process of transforming expectations and decisions into specific positions and risk management.

Upcoming Quarterly Bulletins

Q2: 04 July 2020

Q3: 03 October 2020

Q4: 02 January 2021