Be an investor and shape your future

Author: Harry Frouzakis IMC – Certified Investment Manager

Friday 01 May 2020

Are you a medium sized or a small investor watching at recent developments wondering if there are any options left to you? Time deposits interest rates are close to 0% with real return below inflation. Sovereign bonds’ returns are even lower in negative territory. Stock exchanges fell sharply about 35% spreading panic everywhere forcing individual investors to sell their stock portfolios before they rise again more than 25%. At the same time Mutual Funds tend to underperform the market because both of their cost (transactions and management) and their cash management (selling stocks in advance to be able to pay redemptions).

A professional investor would have seized this opportunity under a dual approach. Firstly, a precise risk management which hold him able to withstand drawdowns of such extents and secondly utilization of unbiased and official information about the health crisis and the monetary and fiscal response. So, he would be able to “buy the dip”.

Can you also enjoy such returns, risk management and peace of mind as all the alternatives available provide negative return? The answer is yes, but only under circumstances. Firstly, you must use correct investment products. Secondly, you must follow a risk management plan and finally you must be accurate with your timing. There are two ways to access to a portfolio like the one described.

The first option is to hire a professional investment manager. There are a lot of active managed hedge funds and some investment banks offer wealth management products. The problem with those investment services is that they require an initial deposit that only high net worth individuals can provide.

The second option is to buy investment counselling services. Again, there are a lot of options available to this direction, but there is also a significant risk. These services are too expensive; therefore, your investment must be big enough so that the returns will overcome the costs and your total return will be positive adjusted for risk.

What we do in Money World is giving a solution to the above investment dead end. We want our small and medium sized investors to enjoy risk adjusted returns that only large and institutional investors access. How do we carry out this mission?

We provide a membership service. This service is consisted of regular weekly, quarterly and educational publications available only to our members. Those publications not only provide decent investment material and actionable practices but also present our actions in managing our own portfolio managed by our CEO, Harry Frouzakis (Certified Investment Manager).

By watching our investment management step by step, you can conduct analogies to your portfolio, so you can enjoy returns similar to ours. What is more, by studying our educational material you gradually become independent.

Starting your investment in turmoiled periods has proved an excellent decision and all the past crisis are the proof to that point. Don’t be hesitant, be an investor and shape your future the way you want.