When it comes to investing, the major context is a long-term view and a rigorous risk management. However, we must not neglect factors that are not quantitative or technocratic. Investing, is not only numbers, equations and legal documents. It’s a subjective human action which includes life planning, emotional management, personal needs acknowledgment and much more.

Here we present qualitative aspects that influence investing indirectly and must be considered before our decision to participate in investing.

Published 18 June 2020

As the real economy worldwide is following stock markets to their rebound, we want to take a blink further into the future and analyse the alternative scenarios we have at our disposal. As the stock markets are approaching pre-coronavirus peak levels, we must concentrate on the real economy expectations for 2021 as the future earnings are starting to be priced in today’s stock prices.

Published 10 June 2020

While the real economy dealt with one of the most challenging periods of the last century, the stock markets around the world have created one of the most impressive bull markets in history. Within just 11 weeks, the S&P500 gained 48% up to this week’s highs. Only 5% away from its all-time highs. How something like this can happen?

Published 13 May 2020

Several economists around the world are whistleblowing that the stimulus policy pack announced is enough to create an inflationary bubble in coming years. Is the fear that we are under an inflationary threat genuine?

Published 06 May 2020

Investment and risk taking have always been part and parcel. There is no risk-free investment, risk-free profit, or any way to avoid risk taking in our financial activities. When it comes to investing though, risk must not be inhibitor but a factor to be managed.

Published 02 May 2020

Every investment instrument is denominated in monetary units, so it is directly affected by central banks’ monetary policy actions. Central banks, however, are underway a shift in the role they play in the global financial ecosystem.

Published 02 May 2020

How can we decide our asset allocation in periods when macroeconomic forecasting is undependable (like nowadays) and when asset prices are heavily depended on a non-financial factor like the current health crisis?

Published 01 May 2020

Can you also enjoy such returns, risk management and peace of mind as all the alternatives available provide negative return? The answer is yes, but only under circumstances. 

Published 26 April 2020

Most investment activity is not “what’s the market’s direction?”, but “is that position compatible with my portfolio?” There is no correct or wrong answer to the above question, but that question separates investors from gamblers.